There are lots of reasons to run.  For me, it started out of necessity in my prior career which required a lot of travel, as it was the only way I could stay fit on the road without lugging tons of stuff with me.   Then I got addicted to the endorphins and was just not myself when I didn’t run.  Then I started working with cake every day and now I really need it to manage my weight!  Norma laughs at me, but I run in the mornings so I can start my day off in a “calorie deficit” and justify being our VP of quality control :).  Balance in life is important.  We make cake so we of course want people to indulge in sweet things, but in moderation, or balanced with physical activity.

I was very happy when Norma started running because we runners can always use company – and there are tons of fun runs around here for team Frosting.  We both ran the Bluenose this spring, Norma in her first 5k and me as a pace bunny for the 10k.  Then when we were at the APEX food show a while back, we met the awesome folks from the Muir Murray Estate Winery ( and learned about their wine fun run and we were sold!

We arrived at the Dartmouth Sportsplex for 7:30am on Saturday to board the bus for the winery.  It was cold but it looked like the rain they had forecasted was going to hold off so we were grateful for that.  When we arrived and got our bibs, we were given a plastic wine glass to take with us because there actually is wine at the water stations (there is water too for those who would like it).

The start was very informal and quite orderly (very obvious this was not a timed event!) and the first part of the run went through quite a bit of mud – it of course had to be the weekend after Sandy came to visit – and we were a bit worried we would be running in a mud pit for an hour but it quickly turned into to a well packed tractor path and unless you had weak ankles it was actually quite nice to run on.

Our first “rest stop” was a white wine stop and although we are both fans of all that is wine, we were a bit skeptical about drinking wine while running and at 10 in the morning but it was actually nice and quite refreshing!

Lots of folks turned around here and headed back to finish the 5k but we had signed up for the 10k so on we went.  The next stop was a rosé (which I generally never drink) but again, it was nice.  Fruity, tasted kind of like a boozy Gatorade!  People were lingering at the stops longer now and it was clear the alcohol in the empty tummied, early morning runners was starting to show. 

The sun had actually come out too and the weather was pretty close to ideal!  We were running the Grand Pre Dyke – pretty cool! The third station was of course red wine and we each had 2 glasses and decided we’d stroll while enjoying our last glass.  We had a ball people watching – one woman, who was clearly a very serious runner, running like Phoebe in Central Park – a pack of three girls running “the wrong way” who, when they found out they were going towards a red wine station, didn’t mind one bit that they were going astray – people in costumes,…

Coming in to the “finish” (there wasn’t even a finish line) was different – you only knew it was the finish because everyone was standing around drinking.  I looked at my watch and we took a few seconds under an hour and a half to do 10k.  By far a personal worst for me, but so much fun so who cares?!

Here is a picture of team Frosting, with our wines and fuel – apples, cookies, and of course wine!

We got a nice wine glass (which was bottomless whil we were there) and tray, and a bright yellow touque as souvenirs.  It was a really fun atmosphere, with a great band on site and we kind of wished we were staying in town so we could have enjoyed it a little longer – planning note for next year.  Everyone was having a great time.

This was Norma’s first 10k run and actually the first time she ever ran 10k at all and I am so proud of her.  I know we will be doing more runs together (although I doubt I’ll see her out now until the spring!), and for certain we’ll be doing this one again.  It was the 1 year anniversary of our partnership and was an awesome way to celebrate that, we thought we may make it an annual event.  We went home and continued to celebrate (after a brief nap of course).

We have had an incredible first year together and we are gearing up for a very busy and exciting next year so it is really great that we can take the time to do things like this together.  Work hard, play hard.  Eat cake, work off cake.  It’s all about balance!